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Thread: Fake Bracelet purchased on the internet

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amy_FJFW View Post
    There are so many fakes about, many of our customers seem to get duped mainly abroad or on ebay, it's really shocking that so many people can get away with it.

    I bought some make up on ebay which turned out to be fake, I contacted the seller and they asked me to return it and offered a full refund plus return postage. However they then sent many emails trying to cajole me into not leaving feedback, claiming they did not know that it was fake.

    I did leave feedback (which provoked an abusive email response), but it is a worry that others wouldnt leave it allowing these kind of sellers to continue to get away with selling fake items to people who don't know the difference.

    I read your story and I would have done exactly the same thing and I hope everybody would do so in similar situations.
    Just one curiosity, if I may ask. Did the seller keep its promise?

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    heh, I mentioned before that I have a tiffany cuff. Mr Medusa was tasked by my parents with buying it and he decided to get a second hand one off ebay. Before getting it engraved he asked a local jeweller to test it, just in case (this is a few years ago before I started making btw). It came back as silver so he had it engraved.

    After three weeks of wear, it started showing copper on the edges. It had been subject to a very, very thick silver plating. We put in a dispute with paypal and got a full refund without even having to return the cuff and left stinking FB. We then got the real McCoy.

    Where people get confused is in thinking that "925" is a hallmark. I sell a lot of antique stuff on ebay and all the time you see people flogging stuff as hallmarked when it's not. All tiffany items carry a proper hallmark and it's tiny. on my cuff it's about 1 x 3mm, and comparing it to my stamp which is 1mm, it is less than half that size.

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