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    I put this querie in the wrong place so here it is again...

    Now that that the price of gold and platinum to an extent seem to have peaked, what is the demand for palladium?

    I am a full time jeweller. I have been working with silver and gold. I know it has been used as a cheap option for engagement and wedding rings instead of platinum, though it isn't as hard or dense as platinum, but almost as white, in contrast to the white gold alloys.

    I have been told by some bullion suppliers that goldsmiths complain that palladium is difficult to solder,the joints show, and not as user friendly. Soldering temperature almost as high as platinum. Is it though considered to be as easy for setting as platinum, with no "memory"? I set stones myself-not usually in claws-so this can be very helpful.

    I am trying to gauge whether it's worth using it as a whiter than white gold alloy which doesn't need gold plating or move straight on to platinum? I am aware of the platinum costs and they can be reflected on the finished pieces, the customers will pay if they want platinum.

    I also have a PUK 4 so that may help with some of the jointing. I hand make everything so how easy is palladium to hand work? I have been looking it up a lot on ganoskin and google but I would welcome everyone's feedback in the uk, what do your customers go for? What age people go for it? My customers are mostly over 40s.

    Any contributions/ tips welcome!

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    The people who could answer this more fully are playing possum, but it seems to me a decision as to whether to go upmarket, or downmarket. That can only really be decided by you. Dennis.

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