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Thread: Website feedback?

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    Default Website feedback?

    Hi everyone,

    I have had my website since August and so far i have only had one sale.
    I would really appreciate some feedback on my site and any suggestions anyone might have on how to improve it.


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    The main thing letting you down is the picture and graphic quality
    When buying online people tend to choose via visual...
    it would be worthwhile investing in a good photo set up or making a photo bucket
    (tutorial in the photography section)

    Like the proposed layout for the new site but the photos need to resize when you click on them (ideally having multiple images)
    I do my own pics (so they're not the best) but I try and make them show as much product detail as possible.
    Here's my own Handmade Jewellery Shop so you can see what I'm trying to suggest

    It's not easy to get traffic to the site so you need to maximise interest with good product pics...
    Re the shop you're having designed a search box would be good too
    e.g they can type in a specific stone or metal and the products would be searched.

    Nic x
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    firstly your site looks great and I love the jewellery. It should be flying off the shelves!!!. Looking at your meta titles and descriptions they are wrong and in fact Google could even be penalising you. They are just a list of words and Google thinks this is spammy. they should read as sentences.
    have a look here on how to write meta titles for some help

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    Your site is extremely slow to load, the latest research from Google states that website speed is critically linked to your profits. In short, just a "half second delay in page loading speed can cause a 20% drop in traffic".

    Obviously this is only one factor that determines the success of a website - how many visitors do you get/day? - 1 sale or enquiry/100 visitors would be about the norm.

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    On the whole I think your site looks good and the product is good too. I had no problems with download speeds, but i have to agree with Nic your pics are a bit small and some are a little bit fuzzy out of focus. As Nic says, when buying on the internet the image is all we can go by, so those pics need to be super sharp, with the choice of being able to enlarge them for a detailed view.

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    Thank you for all your replies. I have made some changes to the meta tags on my shop categories. Do these seem better? I have got to say I am still completely clueless about websites that is why I am making mine with create.
    I will take a good look at my photos too and re take some of them. I didn't realize that the website loaded slow either. Could this be because I have too many photos?
    Thanks for the help everyone.

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    Your jewellery is pretty so its a shame you have only had one sale. But i think that one problem is that the homepage does not encourage buyers. The first thing you see is text in a plain font, I would put product photos there, also i Would link the product photos on the front page to the product pages, not just to small photos. You are trying to get people to buy things, so make it easy for them!


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