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    Default New Forum Categories

    Hi Folks
    We've been working hard behind the scenes to rationalise the categories & make it easier for new folks to find stuff!
    Here's how it's shaping up so far for us in the Users area (the Cooksons sections will undergo some changes too)

    Any comments suggestions welcome (*runs for cover* please be gentle)
    Naturally this will mean a lot of work for the team to move threads accross & merge current categories...
    (i.e. Please don't smash us over the head if things take a while but feel free to PM us to suggest a move )

    Main Category
    Say Hello:
    Come on in and introduce yourselves!
    We're happy that you are here and would love to say "hi".
    Questions about the Forum: Anything relating to forum functionality or use goes here.
    Suggestions or Questions about the forum too!
    Jewellery Making Forum Rules
    Rules and Guidelines for posting on this forum

    Jewellery Discussion Area
    Area for discussing jewellery topics, including Hints, tips & tutorials
    Show & Tell!
    Gauge what people think of your work here, seek tips, advice and show off what you've made!
    Tutorials, Bench Tips and Step By Steps
    Got a tutorial? Then please share it with the community
    Need Help? Ask the Experts!
    Ask the community a jewellery related question. Someone’s bound to know!
    Hot Metal ~ Gold & Silver Working
    Cutting, sawing, shaping, heating, soldering, bending, casting, hammering, forging, forming and finishing metal.
    Whatever you call it ~ find it here…
    Gemstones and Gem Setting
    Suppliers, Properties & setting techniques. From Diamond grading to Cutting your own Cabs ~ it’s here.
    Beading & Lampworking
    Beading, stringing or sewing with itty bitty beads ~ then this is for you!
    Suppliers, lamp workers, types of stones, materials etc.
    Metal Clay, Polymer Clay, Resin & Mixed Media
    Forming, shaping, rolling and conditioning clays, firing times and technical info.
    Plus Resin, Fabric, Paper & Mixed Media Work.
    Maille and Wirework
    Bend it, shape it, any way you weave it, as long as it’s wire then it’s alright…
    Jewellery Courses
    Been on a good course? Want to find one? Teaching them?
    Courses requests and Learning Opportunities Here!

    Any other Business?
    The Lounge - Pull up a chair and have a biscuit! You can talk about anything in here...well almost!
    Website Help & Site Critiques
    Need help with your website, would you like some opinions on your site layout, design?...ask for critiques here.
    If you need any technical help at all this is the spot!
    Business Ideas
    Stand Layouts, Merchandising, blogging, twitter, flickr and branding….
    Photography & Images
    How to take great photos, tips for success and requests for advice
    Shows and Events
    Jewellery Shows & Interesting Events. How was it for you?
    Shameless Self-promotion
    Tell us about your website or blog, company news, promote your newsletter, upcoming classes, events etc.
    You must have at least 20 posts and be an active participant on the forum before you can post in this area.

    Jewellery Making Marketplace
    headings as they are

    Hope you like the proposed format
    Nic xxx
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    I don't mind what it looks like - I always use the 'New Posts' button each time I log on to see what has been posted since I was last on. If I want to find something from a while ago I will use the 'Search' facility. I very rarely go through the menu on the Home page to find anything.

    Thanks for all your hard work!!

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    Hi Nic,
    I tend to browse the main page and find threads from there (though I may try the "new posts" as Nicci suggests in future!). I think the new headings look good and align a lot of themes. Shouldn't think that's been an easy task!

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    Hi Nic

    I also tend to look at the newposts threads first. Having said that I like the look of the new categories.


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    Thank you for all the feedback
    We'll be "pruning and merging" over the next 24 hours but normal service should continue

    * Main Forum Categories have now all changed but some of the posts still need moving into their new homes
    getting there though
    Nic xx
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    I think the changes are very good. Though i was a little confused initially!
    I did think the number of forums had got out of hand!
    Like Nicci I just use the New Posts button normally but I used to find it hard to choose a forum to start a thread in before.
    It's much better now, thanks for the hard work guys xx

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