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Thread: Just starting - Sterling or Argentium?

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    Default Just starting - Sterling or Argentium?


    I'm very excited, bought a book and been reading forum - just starting out and getting some basic tools and materials.

    As Argentium is being discontinued would it be better to start off with Sterling right at the beginning and try to learn how to use that?

    Are they interchangeable - can you use both in the same piece?

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    Hi Woof,

    The news from Argentium is that they are finalising a deal with a supplier so it would be available again fairly soon. In the meantime, you can still get it from Cookies. It's a totally different animal from sterling. It really depends on what you plan to make. If you plan to use enamel, there is a new Argentium which should be available in the UK soon. Argentium is great for fusing and balling. It's great for most things but you have to be careful how you handle it when it's hot. You also shouldn't clamp it together when soldering as it will crush.

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    Thanks, Carole

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    There's also a link here from a while ago, that gives a bit more info.

    Hope that helps...

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