We please request you read the following rules and regulations before taking part in the marketplace.

At all times be vigilant with your money!!! Just because a buyer/seller is a member does not mean Cooksons endorses them in any way.

Just because a member has joined and never posted anything other than what they are selling, does not necessarily make them untrustworthy. It could just be timing that they found this site as they went to sell something. In these situations try and collect when you pay, provided they are close enough or arrange for a more local friend to go for you.

If you personally don't know the buyer/seller, ask if they have any other members on here that will vouch for them being genuine. We have new members joining every day, one might be very good friends with another member.

Try and find out the real name of the buyer/seller and a contact number, ideally a land line number and call it to discuss arrangements.

Most importantly if at any point of your dealings you suspect something is amiss, please please please don't hesitate to get in touch with the admin team. We will help any way we can to amend the situation, we aren't on the side of the buyer or the seller, we are on the side of fairness and if somebody is acting unlawfully we will have no qualms in assisting the offended party and or the police in rectifying the situation.

Cooksongold takes scamming very seriously, it's very much a one strike policy. If you have been proven a scammer it is up to the victim whether they press charges with the police but whatever their decision, you will be banned from this site for life and the other main UK jewellery forums may be informed of your name as well. We will continue to monitor to make sure you don't register a new account and if you do, we will ban that too, and again inform everyone else. We do not forget and although not visible to you, we can see who was banned when and why.

Sellers should not release goods unless they have received payment for them. If a cheque is used then this should clear before goods are sent. Postal orders or cash in person are the safest form of payment.

For the most part, internet sales go without a hitch with both parties being very happy with their dealings, you just have to remember to be careful.

Having said all that, and finally, I reiterate that Cooksons does not endorse any buying or selling member, and all deals struck are private and between the individuals concerned.

Thanks for reading