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Thread: Are cold enamels any good?

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    Default Are cold enamels any good?

    I wanted to get some enamels and see that Cooksongold do cold enamels. I haven't used enamels since I was a kid and have never used cold enamels. Are they any good? Do they look like real enamels? Any assistance greatly received, Thank you!

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    Im sure someone with enamelling experience will be along soon with detailed info, but i can tell you that in the trade enamellers offer cold enameling, so it must work, and be a reputable sort of shortcut.

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    What is often referred to as cold enamel, is in actual fact RESIN>
    Enamel is powdered glass so I guess if it was really cold enamel you'd mix glass with resin and shove that in...

    Resin can be made to look enamel like by doing things like adding pearl-ex powders, but it does not behave the same way as enamel during use.
    e.g. Resin and shampoo water not a good mix, doesn't do well in jewellery dip etc.
    Enamel on the other hand is much more chemical resistant BUT can be chipped more easily and is more temperamental during application.

    The 2 part resins that Cooksons sell are excellent (particularly the transparents) you will need scales to measure them by weight,
    as the proportions need to be correct for proper hardening.

    The attachments below show my Thoth piece (resin)
    and some enamels I did (the triple picture)

    Thoth was done with resin as
    1) I wanted exact control with the colours (Resin has a What you See is what you get element)
    2) Some colours (like Reds and Purples) are difficult to get in enamel
    (particularly on silver)

    The others were done with enamel
    1) It was quicker
    2) The material has a look & feel I couldn't get with resin

    nic xx
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