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Thread: Freepost & january sale news

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    Default Freepost & january sale news

    Click here to view today's e-mail. Our January SALE is officially launched Boxing Day with saving of up to 75% OFF tools, gems, chain and more available! Click here to learn more about a sneak preview of the Cooksongold January SALE.

    Plus be sure to claim your extra freepost e-voucher code which is valid from today until 31st January 2010. To claim this offer, simply spend 50 or more and quote JAN22 in the checkout!


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    In the past the Freepost code has been available to use on all orders placed before the expiry date, however I have just attempted to place an order using the "JAN22" code and am advised that I have used this code before and therefore it is invalid.

    Would it be possible to specify how many times the code may be used when initially posting Freepost details.


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    Will it work for me too in Ireland ??? Last time i got a code it would'nt work !!

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