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Thread: A way to clear the shopping basket?

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    Default A way to clear the shopping basket?

    This is probably related to the 'wishlist' issue because I use the shopping basket like a wishlist whilst I'm browsing the site, then I go through the (usually huge) shopping basket afterwards and whittle a couple of things off the list, or leave items in there until I next order. Is there some way of clearing everything from the shopping basket and starting again without having to order? I find that I usually have a page full of 'deleted' items that won't go.

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    Default My deleted item vanished....

    Hi Wendy,
    I noticed that I had a 'deleted' item in red on my order which was something I had deleted from the shopping basket but it went away when I actually started to proceed through the checkout be brave and carry on!...afterall, the sale hasn't happened until you actually stump up the cash and if you see something on the order that you don't want just cancel the order before you get to the payment stage...but as I said, mine vanished without a problem
    I hope you can understand that is a bit of a garble...sorry!

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