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Thread: FREEPOST - 11th - 13th December 2009

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    Default FREEPOST - 11th - 13th December 2009

    This weekend's Deal of the Day Special is FREEPOST. Claim freepost on ALL UK orders over 50 valid from Friday 11th - Sunday 13th December, ends Midnight! Don't miss out! Simply enter e-voucher code CH99 as you checkout.

    Click here to view today's Deal of the day e-mail.

    If you're struggling to hit the 50 spend limit, click here for a few ideas.

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    So that's another 7.50 I didn't have to pay this week.....

    I wish we could have a couple of days notice of these. Perhaps as a little perk for forum members?

    (and I still didn't get a wallplanner, or any chocolate!)
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