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Thread: Argentium extras

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    I did google to see if the wording had cropped up anywhere else... The site does seem to be very US-focussed, although there are also ads flashing up for Argex & similar.

    Cheers George!
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    Default Apologies for my indiscretion

    Sorry didn't mean to trip up over the stringent rules, I was just keen to share. I'm a student and hobbyist with a passion. I was so delighted to see the 'unmentionable' site appear that I came out of hiding to make a posting.

    I haven't subscribed to it as yet as a lot of info is freely available. Apart from the ads, that are mostly US focused, I find the info quite universal...don't agree with the comment 'form over function' as it is simply intended as a resource site, I do find flash a bit annoying with a lot of unnecessary animation through.

    My sincere apologies for my indiscretion...I will insure that future posts are tempered in accordance to the letter of the forum's law.

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    Sharing is good and to be encouraged. However, as I'm sure you'll understand, we do get a number of single posts from people who are *incredibly* enthusiastic about such-and-such a site - which usually has some commercial bias.

    The comment of it being a triumph of form over function is, naturally, a subjective one - and to me the excessive use of Flash suggests that whoever designed the site had little idea about web usability criteria, even less on accessibility issues and none whatsoever about discrete design. At the very least there should be the option for non-Flash, or low bandwidth - the idea that I'd download an app to view it on an iOS device is frankly ludicrous. As a repository for information on the alloy it does more for me to obstruct the message than to make it available - and isn't all this available elsewhere? We do have a couple of web designers here from time to time; I'd be very interested to hear their analysis of it.

    In the meantime: Welcome, please feel free to join in; introducing yourself is a convention rather than a rule - the few that we do have really aren't that onerous.

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