Hello all,

While experimenting with wire and beads to make some Christmassy bracelets this last week, I've come across a problem. I hope this makes sense, here goes...

A lot of the designs I seem to come up with for recent bracelets have featured the 'statement' bead in the middle of the bracelet so that it sits at the top of the wrist when the wearer, well, wears it. However the nicest 'statement' bead always seems to be the heaviest, and so instead tends to end up on the underneath of the wrist when worn, with the catch on top. The only way I can see to counteract this is by 'balancing' the bracelet design so there are heavier beads on either side of the catch, but this means modifying the design quite a lot.

Are there any other ways you expert beaders have come up with to 'balance' your wire and bead bracelets so this doesn't happen, or is it just a case of changing the original design?

Any tips much appreciated