Yep..just about keeping legal!! Anything over that magic figure (depending on what precious metal you are using) has to be hallmarked by law if you intend to sell it...but I wanted it as a guarantee of metal quality on my chains generally...
I think the lightest chain I do is in the region of 3 grams and they average aroun the 6-7 mark. The large square link one with flowers - which is MINE - and which I have been wearing 24/7 since I made it in February (one hell of a test run!!) weighs around 14 grams...but then again I do have wrists to match my fingers.....hooooooge!! so most of the stuff I wear is heavy man!!
There has been a thread on hallmarking before...and I think it was Nic that gave the full lowdown...Go! it out my friend!!