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Thread: Interesting chain!

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    Default's all about the law...

    Yep..just about keeping legal!! Anything over that magic figure (depending on what precious metal you are using) has to be hallmarked by law if you intend to sell it...but I wanted it as a guarantee of metal quality on my chains generally...
    I think the lightest chain I do is in the region of 3 grams and they average aroun the 6-7 mark. The large square link one with flowers - which is MINE - and which I have been wearing 24/7 since I made it in February (one hell of a test run!!) weighs around 14 grams...but then again I do have wrists to match my fingers.....hooooooge!! so most of the stuff I wear is heavy man!!
    There has been a thread on hallmarking before...and I think it was Nic that gave the full lowdown...Go! it out my friend!!

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    The chains shown in the captures are really beautiful... I will surely share this post with my other friends.
    Hope they also like the designs and beauty of the jewellery...
    Wish to have one..!!!

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