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Thread: What is on your (jewellery) bookshelf?

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    Question What is on your (jewellery) bookshelf?

    I don't know about you - but a major part of my work area is taken up by my reference book shelf. It is often hard to decide if an online book is going to be worth buying and we don't all have the opportunity of physically looking inside a book we fancy before we buy on line.

    What books do you have on your bookshelf?
    If you see something you fancy on someone else's list perhaps they could give you a rundown of what is in it and whether they would recommend it and why...
    Is this idea worth a go?????

    Here is my bookshelf:-
    Jewelry Fundamentals of Metalsmithing. Mc Creight
    Working with Precious Metal Clay. Mc Creight
    Hot and Cold Connections. Mc Creight
    Silver Wire Fusing Jones
    The Art of Metal Clay. Haab
    Creative Metal Clay Jewelry. Wire
    Precious Metal Clay in Mixed Media. Devos
    Metal Clay - Beyond the Basics. Babineau
    Metal Clay for Beaders. Miech
    Making Silver Chains. Waszek
    Woven Wire Jewelry. Chandler and Ritchey
    Making Wire Jewelry. Clegg and Larom
    Classical Loop-in-Loop Chains. Stark and Smith
    The Art of Enameling. Darty
    Beaded Chain Mail Jewelry. Whyte

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    I have:

    The Complete Metalsmith - Tim Mccreight
    Jewellery Design Sourcebook - David Watkins
    Teach Yourself Jewellery Making - Emma gale and Ann Little
    Handbook of Jewellery Techniques - Carles Codina

    And my fav:
    Tiaras A History of Splendour, that I like to ooh and ahh at.

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    Actually... which is strange for me as I am a book fetishist... not alot.

    I think the only jewellery related book is a wire wrapping one. I tend to use the internet to find my tutorials and how-to's as I have a learning disability (which we are working on finding out what it is, could be dyslexia of some kind) and I simply cannot learn from books, I have to see whatever it is being done before I understand it.

    I do however have lot of books on my wishlist... but then I always do

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    Red face Oh My - I should start a Library

    Oh goodness - it seems that my book habit and a LOT of gifts over the years has left me an impressive selection!

    Silver Clay, Bronze Clay, Copper Clay Faux Bone:
    Art Clay Silver Advanced Book x 2
    Art Clay Silver part 3 (Japanese Subtitled in English)
    Amulets and Talismans Book by Robert Dancik
    Enamelling on Metal Clay - Pam East
    Keum-Boo on Silver - Celie Fargo
    Metal Clay Beads - Barbara Becker Simon
    Making Pure Silver Accessories, Art Clay Silver Arrangement Book
    Magical Metal Clay Jewellery - Sue Heaser
    Metal Clay and Mixed Media Jewelry - Sherri Haab
    Metal Clay Rings: Silver Jewelry Inspired by Nature - Irina Miech
    Metal Clay The Complete Guide - Jackie Truty
    Metal Clay Workshop (DVD) Hadar Jacobsen
    Metal Clay Workshop (DVD) Mardel Rein
    Mixed Metal Jewelry from Metal Clay - Hadar Jacobson
    Natural Gemstones in Metal Clay - Deric Metzger
    Perfectly Paired Designing Jewellery with Polymer and Metal Clays - Patricia Kimle
    Precious Metal Clay Techniques -Edited by Tim McCreight
    PMC Technic - Edited by Tim McCreight
    PMC Decade - Tim McCreight
    Pure Silver Metal Clay Beads - Linda Kaye Moses
    Setting Gemstones into metal Clay - Lorrene Baum-Davis
    Silver Clay Keepsakes - Baum & Hendricks
    Structural Metal Clay - Kate McKinnon
    Setting Stones in Metal Clay - Jeanette Landenwitch
    Silver and Bronze Clay Movement and Mechanisms - Hadar Jacobson
    The Little Book of Water Etching and Enamelling for Metal Clay - Catherine Davies Paetz
    Tips & Techniques Makins Professional Ultimate Clay Extruder - Judi Weers
    The Handbook of Metal Clay, Textures and Forms - Hadar Jacobson

    Enamelling, Glass & Resin
    Art of Enamelling - Margarete Seeler
    The Art of Enamelling - Linda Darty
    The Art of Fine Enamelling - Karen L Cohen
    First Steps in Enamelling - Jinks McGrath
    Beginner's Guide to Enamelling - Dorothy Cockrell
    Experimental Techniques in Enamelling - Fred Ball
    Metalwork and Enamelling - Cyril Pearce
    Printmaking with photopolymer Plates - Dianne Longley
    Contemporary Warm Glass - Walker
    Dichroics Art Glass All Dressed Up - Jackie Paciello Truty
    Art of Jewellery, Plastic & Resin - Debra Adelson
    Create your Own Resin Jewellery - Kerry Wilkinson
    Resin Jewellery - Kathie Murphy

    Polymer Clay:
    The Art & Craft of Polymer Clay - Sue Heaser
    Fairies Gnomes & Trolls (polymer clay) - Maureen Carlson
    Welcome to the Jungle (polymer clay) - Christi Friesen
    Cats big and small (polymer clay) - Christi Friesen
    Polymer Clay Color Inspirations - Lindly Haunani, Maggie Maggio

    Jewelry Concepts and Technology - Oppi Untracht
    The Jewelers Bench Reference - Harold O'Connor
    The Flexible Shaft Machine Jewelry Techniques - Harold O'Conner
    Making the Most of your Flex-shaft - Karen Christians
    Two in One Manuals Jewellery - Madeline Coles
    Wrap, Stitch, Fold & Rivet: Making Designer Metal Jewelry - Mary Hettmansperger
    Fabulous Jewelry from Found Objects: Creative Projects, Simple Techniques - Marthe Le Van
    Jewellery Making A Complete Course for Beginners - Jinks McGrath
    The Jewellers Directory of Decorative Finishes - Jinks McGrath
    Hot and Cold Connections - TimMcCreight
    The Metalsmiths Book of Boxes and Lockets
    Jewellery Making Manual - Sylvia Wicks
    Handcrafting Chain & Bead Jewellery Scott David Plumlee
    Chain Mail Jewelry, Contemporary Designs from Classic Techniques - Terry Taylor & Dylon Whyte
    Classical Loop-inLoop Chains - Stark & Smith
    Modelling in Wax for Jewellery & Sculpture - Lawrence Kallenberg
    The Rings Book - Jinks McGrath
    Practical Goldsmith - Mountings Settings
    The Art of Making Jewellery - Krupenia Powley Wrobel
    Quick and Easy Beadwork - Bellingham, Glover & Heweitt
    Designing with Wire (project book 3) - Brennan & Helwig
    Simple Soldered Jewelry and Accessories - Lisa Bluhm

    Design Inspiration & Eye Candy:
    Design Language - Tim McCreight
    Taking Flight: Inspiration and Techniques to Give your Creative Spirit Wings - Kelly Rae
    The Art of Jewellery Design: From Idea to Reality - Elizabeth Olver
    Spratling Silver Centenial Edition - Cederwall & Riney
    PMC Guild Annual #1
    PMC Guild Annual #2
    PMC Guild Annual #3
    The Styles of Ornament - Speltz
    500 Pendants & Lockets - A Lark Jewellery Book
    500 Wedding Rings - A Lark Jewellery Book
    1000 Rings - A Lark Jewellery Book
    500 Enameled Objects - A Lark Jewellery Book
    Jewellery the Zine - Catherine Witherell & Deryn Mentock

    On top of all that I wont even go into how many magazines, clippings & inspiration books I have
    Nic x
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    Smile Wow! You Lucky, LUCKY Lady!!

    Hi Nic...Can I move in to yours??? What bliss to have such a wonderful reference library! wonder you are a fount of knowledge! You must have been typing for ages to log all that lot - sorry! I hope you are willing to give us all feedback on the contents!...
    The two that immediately catch my eye are:-
    the Enamelling on Metql Clay one by Pam East...I have read mixed reviews on this one - I have done basic enamelling and I have done some on pmc. Is it likely that I will learn anything new from this book? Are there any different processes used with pmc that I should know about? My funds are very limited so I don't really want a book that repeats everything found in other books - I have the Linda Darty one already.

    Modelling in Wax for Jewellery & Sculpture - Lawrence Kallenberg. The majority of the units I did for my HND 3 D Design ended up with me doing something with clay and I love sculpting. I have always fancied modelling in wax... Would this book take me through all the stages to casting a finished article? The HND I did was geared to heavier 3D work in wood, metal and ceramics so practically all my silver/jewellery knowledge has come from books! Would this one teach me?

    I'm sure I will be back for another look - but that will do for now!!

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    Yep ages typing all that and I'm not sure that some aren't lurking under the bed...
    Maybe we should have a swap shop on here
    (I'm sure there are a few bead books that I own that are no longer my field of interest)

    Modelling in Wax for Jewellery & Sculpture - Lawrence Kallenberg.
    This is a very detailed book with mainly line drawing style pictures. Reams and reams of explanatory text much of it technical.
    There are lots of projects explained in detail to learn individual techniques
    and he also covers the different types of wax and tools, shortcuts etc.
    The simple answer is yes this is a very, very comprehensive book if you want to model in wax. The only problem is I'm not sure if it's still in print so you might have to get a second hand copy (most of the pages are loose in mine as it's 28 years old, lol)
    The ISBN is 0-8019-6896-8

    Enamelling on Metal Clay - Pam East
    Oh my this is a difficult one as I'd normally suggest that Pam's book is the absolute best book to get if you're a Metal Clay Artist and are starting out in Enamelling. It looks like you're not "starting out" though and Linda Dartys book does cover most of what's in Pam's book.
    The main difference is all of Pams projects relate to metal clay and fine silver
    she even shares which enamel colours have worked for her and which aren't so good....
    Everythings geared just for us -but (arrgh I hate to say this) it's probably best on the "Christmas List" if you've got another comprehensive book already.

    Nic x
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    Default Me books!

    There's a snippit - been buying lots of the Lark books recently, and dull books about Jewellery and Arts education!

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    What a good idea Nic - A Swap Shop!!!!

    Thanks for the info on the books... Most of what I possess is second hand - so getting books second hand is no problem...finding one 28 years old might be though! I'll keep a look out as it sounds interesting.

    That is rather what I suspected with the enameling book...It would be interesting to know what colours work well though!! long to Christmas????

    Your shelf looks a little droopy Wendy! I got a crick in my neck trying to read all the spines! ...some of them look rather 'heavy' in the reading sense as well... I like lots of piccies!! The Automata and Mechanical ones look interesting. Do you make kinetic jewellery??

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    Ha ha Nic and I thought I was bad. Now if my DH complains I shall show him your List :p

    The Penland Book of Jewelry
    Hot and Cold Connections - TimMcCreight
    The Metalsmiths Book of Boxes and Lockets
    Silver Wire Fusing Jones
    The Art of Metal Clay. Haab
    Creative Metal Clay Jewelry. Wire
    Making Silver Chains. Waszek
    Creative Silver Chains Chantal Lise Saunders
    Step by Step Jewellery Workshop Nicola Hurst
    Making Metal Bead Pauline Warg
    Jewelers Studio Handbook Brandon Holschuh
    Wrap, Fold, Stitch and Rivet Mary Hettmansperger
    Making Metal Jewelry Joanna Golberg
    Encyclopedia of Jewelery Making Techniques Jinks McGrath

    All Wired Up Mark Lareau
    Wire and Bead Celtic Jewellery Linda Jones
    Wire Style Denise Peck

    Search Press Books;
    20 to Make Charms
    20 to Make Bracelets
    80 Original Charms

    I also subscribe to Art Jewelry, Jewelry Artist and Step by Step Wire Mags

    In order to tell you which was my favourite I'd have to look through them all again! But I do love just looking throught the Penland Book, and would like the 500/1000 books as well for that.

    The ones I was most disappointed with when I got them were the chain making books as there were no 'revelations' in them - mostly stuff I knew that I knew really.

    My Silversmith Tutor liked the Making Metal Jewellery by Joanna Golberg when I took it to show her and she said it was a brilliant book for beginners.

    I still have a few books on my wish list
    The Jeweller's Directory of Shape and Form by Elizabeth Olver
    and Oppi Untracht's Concepts and Technology Book (which Wendy has) even though I have flicked through it at college and know it is too technical for me!!

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    Talking You have good taste Ominicci!!

    It looks like we have a similar taste in books Ominicci! Of the ones I haven't got I rather fancy the Stitch, Fold and Rivet one - is it any good? ...and I have so nearly bought the Creative Silver Chains before...should I finally take the plunge??
    I'm really enjoying having a nose at other people's bookshelf!! Thanks for sharing everyone!

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