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Thread: Silver clay and silver wire?

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    Default Silver clay and silver wire?

    I would like to add silver clay flowers to the bottom of some head pins. I have both fine silver head pins and sterling silver.
    Is it possible to do or will the flowers just not adhere to the solid silver or will the silver melt.
    I'm sure I read somewhere about silver wire needing pickling or something before it will work but I cant find the reference to it anywhere.

    If any one can give me advice on this I would be grateful.

    Thanks, Julia

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    Hi Julia
    you could use either, sterling will need to be pickled after. are you intending to solder them on or embed them?
    If solder I would use sterling. If embed I would put a small hook in the end and throughly paste them before embedding. Fine silver is easiest, but if you need to use sterling for strength I would depletion guild it first (probably where the pickle came in) by heating to annealing temp (ie go black) and pickling several times- this brings a layer of fine silver to the surface....

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