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Thread: Hi folks! I fight with computers... but LOVE silver!!

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    Nic xx
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    Brilliant! That ring is gorgeous! I love blue and silver... and amethyst and silver... and red and silver... and green and silver... and silver!

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    Question What other colours go with silver??

    Ahhhh!...a kindred spirit!! Beoooooootiful silver......(goes glassy eyed!) I so love the look of silver too...but as I have discovered in the last week or so while trying to build my is damned hard to photograph! I am very unhappy with most of my photos but I wanted to get something on line as I launched my business....people ALWAYS ask for a web I just went for it. I am waiting for some decent weather so that I can photograph everything outside and get some perfect lighting (HA!)...then I might be able to improve the look of the whole thing and get some more stuff listed on it!
    Thanks for your comment on my ring Ominicci - it was just fortunate that the old blue enamel I had was such a good colour. I have been trying to write a shopping list for enamels to go with silver...obviously blues and purples...but what do you think about transparent amber/copper colours?...I think red colours are out as they tend to burn out very easily and I am definitely a novice enameller!! All suggestions welcome.....

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