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Thread: Pattern for hollow signet ring. Formula and Design

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    Question Pattern for hollow signet ring. Formula and Design

    Hello everyone,

    I am really struggling to find resources on how to create patterns for a hollow form signet rings. There is an excellent step by step guide on ganoskin with instructions on how to make a size 8 ring, with a 16-mm round top.

    The guide reads:

    “Once you know what size ring a pattern like this will make, you can modify it to fit any finger size or top dimension. One ring size equals 2.5 turn. This amount, or increments thereof, can be added to or subtracted from the pattern. Modifications to the length should be made in the middle, prior to laying the pattern out on metal”

    I understand that this means that adding 2.5mm to the length of the shank will increase the ring size by 1. However, nowhere in the guide does it explain how you can alter the size of the “round top” in order to fit a different size stone.

    Any explanations or recommendations for literature on methods would be hugely appreciated. I have already purchased “the ring book” by Jinks McGrath which does include patterns for similar rings but does not offer an explanation on how to alter them.

    Thanks 🙏,


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    You can probably adapt the pattern for the hollow ring discussed above. Always use copper when experimenting. Dennis.

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