Hi, thanks for accepting me, not a jeweller but seeking advice. Back story, my partner has a white gold square bangle made for her by her stepson some 40 years ago, it obviously has sentimental value. Originally it was a solid square bangle
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which she could slip over her wrist, but as she got older this became difficult so a few years back she had a jeweller modify it by adding a hinge and a sort of tongue/groove arrangement with a clasp (see photo) .

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The clasp has never really worked very well and it has occasionally come loose. A few weeks back she actually lost it but by a miracle it got found.

So question- she’s decided rather than try and get the clasp repaired (which - see photo obviously got damaged when she lost it, she’d like to go back to a solid,or at least least semi bangle and permanently keep it on her wrist. My thought was that to try and make it sort of semi permanent, I could use a very low melting point solder on the tongue/groove. I figure with some heat shield on her wrist I could do this with either an electric soldering iron or a very small gas torch ? Should she ever want the bangle removed the operation could be reversed.

Sorry for ramble, my basic question is twofold, firstly do you folk think this is practical, and if yes, what low melting point solder would be recommended