Hello! Hoping this all makes sense, I am trying to get a mirror finish on my pieces but I keep getting this pooling in areas that the dremel can't get to for example under bails like pictured or on the back plat under the ring shank. My process is after taking out of the pickle, give it a light brush with a brass brush then add patina/polish back highlights. Then put in the tumbler for an hour to work harden and go in with tripoli on a calico mop in my dremel (note: it takes a LONG time and compound & the metal gets really hot) then brush it with washing up liquid / brass brush and then finish with rouge (which is super quick, literally a once over)

I've tried skipping the tripoli and going straight in with rouge but get the same problem of it taking ages, getting really hot & pooling.

Everything I've read online suggest calico mops with tripoli but open to suggestions!

Thanks in advance!

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