I have been struggling with my sheet metal cracking while rolling for a long time now, and I canít seem to find a solution that works for me. I have tried different annealing temperatures, rolling while reducing the pressure only slightly, quenching in water and alcohol.

Once I melt it, I roll it down without any issues until I anneal it for the first time. The cracks form in the sheet after this (when I pass it through the roller). This seems to happen almost every time with 18 karat gold, with not much luck. Sometimes randomly it works without any issues but I donít know what I am doing differently. And quite often if I get through the first anneal and subsequent rolling without it cracking, it doesnít seem to crack later on. The cracks form perpendicular to the direction of rolling in between the sheet, and they donít really go deep, but they always remain all the way through. Would love any advice on this matter.

Thank you