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Thread: Durston Drawing Tong - 80% Off

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    Default Durston Drawing Tong - 80% Off

    Cooksons have reduced the price of the Durston All-in-One Drawing Tong to just 30, from 152.

    I still have to post the photos of the drawing bench my husband built, following Dennis's excellent instructions, but I was struggling with using it, mainly due to some cheap tongs that just weren't up to the job.

    My Durston ones arrived today and what a difference! Absolutely brilliant - I can finally see myself drawing the wire I need, they're really very good and make the world of difference to me.

    Link here if anyone wants to treat themselves!

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    I'm glad it's working for you. Of course in my day they didn't have the posh draw tongs.
    It would be really good if you could post a picture eventually. Dennis


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