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    Hello! I have enamelled a sterling silver piece but when polishing it, it looks cloudy and I'm really struggling getting it to look clear.

    I have used wet and dry as well as my radial disks but it doesn't seem to budge. Thinking this is fire stain from firing it in the kiln but surely that can be sanded off.

    Any suggestions appreciated!

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    Well, there are lots of scratches on it. To get a mirror shine on silver, you must faithfully get the best shine you can with each grade of whatever system you are using, and then rotate by 90°before going on to the next grade.

    Obviously this is best taken as far as possible before the final firing.

    I would suggest about four grades of micro-mesh sheets for this, as they have a soft backing and will conform to the curve: for instance 2400, 3600, 6000. and 8000. You can finish if you wish with Silvo wadding and a soft cloth, or a swans down mop and rouge. Then washing up liquid. Dennis

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