I'm new to making jewelry and I particularly like making chainmail.

I make my own jump rings by hand out of aluminium wire and I'd like to work with stainless steel as well.

The problem is I don't have any tool that can cut cleanly through stainless steel wire leaving perfectly flush ends. For aluminium I have been using a jeweler's saw but that won't make a dent in the steel. I have a Knipex that can cut the steel wire but doesn't leave flush ends.

I looked online for a solution and the best I could find were the Durston jump ring makers that use the Foredom flex shaft but it even says that it cannot cut steel, just softer metals like aluminium, copper, etc.

What kind of machine would I need for cutting stainless steel jump rings? Is it just not realistic for a home setup?

I'd like to know what it would take even if it's an industrial machine, just out of curiosity.
Sorry if it's an obvious question, this is all very new to me.

Thanks in advance