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Thread: New use for Beading tool

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    Default New use for Beading tool

    I was at a local craft fair on the week end, here was a girl selling various copper pieces of jewellery ( must be coming back ) between customers she was making them, any way to the point, she was flush setting tiny crystals, instead of using a pointed burnisher she used a beading tool, by placing it over the top and twisting it around the stone, did a brilliant job, I thought is was a clever idea, Never have seen this before.

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    I always used these to finish tube settings, because they frequently ended up far from round. I imagine they are similar to what you are describing, Bob.

    However to retain the stones firmly using them, you would have to whack the inserts with a hammer and risk damaging the piece.

    Maybe the craft-fair lady was very strong, or the stones were less secure than they looked. Dennis.
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