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Thread: Making Silicone Moulds - Lost wax casting

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    Default Making Silicone Moulds - Lost wax casting

    Hey everyone! Hope you're all doing well! I have just begun making and have a question about the silicone moulds for lost wax casting. Basically I've had a number of my pieces (3 rings, pendant and stud earrings) all cast in silver. I've removed the sprue, finished and polished them. I am now at the point of wanting to make multiples (especially for the stud earring to complete the pair) but I was super surprised at the cost of having the moulds made! I had one casting house quote me 48 for having the ring mould made... so basically I'm wondering is that a normal price? And is it worth it to try and make my own molds? Does anyone have experience with making their own moulds? Any cost saving tips would be appreciated 🌞

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    There's a fair bit of work goes into them. I've attached a video of me making a rubber mould which is a similar process but without the vulcanising. If your are making earings sometimes its best to make them without the stems and solder them on afterwards they seem to be stronger then. its at 3 min 30 ish seconds mark

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