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    My first hollow forms; lentil beads. I was naughty and didn't put a hole in them to let the hot air escape. Is there a rule of when to put a hole in; maybe size of piece? Obviously i'd rather not have anything explode on me. The stone is mookaite.

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    Beautiful work Sheena.
    Your question is really about the power of steam.

    If the form contains any liquid and is reheated for a second soldering operation, then the steam generated can make it blow up.

    Apart from that, putting a hot form into pickle can make it suck up the noxious substance through tiny porosities in the join, leaving it to leak out for some time afterwards. This will mark clothes or redden skin.

    The remedy in both cases is to make two generous holes somewhere out of sight, so the cavity can be washed through and blown dry.

    My question: is mookaite suitable for vegans? Dennis.
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    Thankyou Dennis. It contains a large proportion of Moo so maybe not


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