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Thread: Lost weight when melting again???

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    Default Lost weight when melting again???


    I made a 9ct gold cast ring from scrap 9ct gold, I melted my filings and scrap I had left over after finishing the ring, and it weighed 21.01g. I then noticed I had some good left in the borax in my scorifier, so I melted the 21.01g back into it to pick up the rest of the gold.

    I then weighed it again and it was 20.48g. what I assume is that some alloy metals in the 9ct were oxidised and were removed by borax?

    If my assumption is correct, would that mean that I now have a slightly higher carat bullion?


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    In theory yes, you've lost some copper as oxide. Your pickle will go more blue. In practice it doesn't make much difference, except that the colour of the metal will become a little more yellow.
    If you make a pendant though, It's really hard to buy in a chain to match. Dennis.
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