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Thread: how long to handmake a tube set ring

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    Default how long to handmake a tube set ring

    Hi everyone, hope you are all warm enough - its too cold in Devon

    I just wanted to ask a second opinion on handmaking tube set rings and the time it takes me....

    For context I am self-taught silversmith, running a full time fledgling business with a view to making profit, i.e. not a hobbyist :-) and I handmake everything using sheet, wire and tube (except chain, ear scrolls and clasps) - I do not use premade settings because I have found that these are too thin and aren't great for the gems I buy (traceable from small scale operations usually with a size variance rather than the calibrated ones from the "big" suppliers)

    Anyway I made a 4mm tube set ring yesterday and it took me about 2.5 hours start to 99% done .... am I taking too long?

    Thanks all :-)

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