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    I've just joined the Forum after finding it yesterday when I was looking for some information about tumblers and polishing. To introduce myself - I'm from Birmingham, and I've been making jewellery with wire and beads in a very small way for a few years as a hobby. Now I've retired from full-time work I'm looking forward to being able to develop my skills and spend a bit more time on it.

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    Hi Tomtoh. lots of info re tumblers and polishing I suggest you do a search on the subject ( top right of screen )

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    Some thoughts:
    1. For years the Lortone 3a was the king of tumblers. Depending on finances, probably the National Geographic would do too.
    2. A further expense will be mixed shot, the finest you can get, in stainless steel.
    3. Tumbling can be over night, or for at least six hours.

    Vibrating tumblers are much faster, but also more expensive. Because their action is different and they use very fine needles, they also overcome the problem of a tiny pinrick texture appearing on flat surfaces.

    Welcome to the forum, Dennis.


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