Hello! Questions from a beginner

Does anyone have any experience making jewellery from surgical implant metal? I have 2 chunky pins (~2mm) which were used to stabilise a fracture, and for sentimental reasons I was thinking of making a bangle or something out of them. I believe they are stainless steel not titanium, though I don't know how you tell! No idea what grade. They aren't metallic.

I am very much a novice maker and have only really worked with silver before. I have basic equipment for silver soldering and I usually use the standard little "kitchen" blow torch and silver pallions with the yellow ready-made liquid flux. I'm happy to buy a different solder, flux etc if required, but I have no idea whether it is actually possible to stick silver to steel, especially at the low(ish) temperatures of the torch. Any technique would need to be appropriate for doing at home!

I was envisaging joining the two ends of the pins to some silver sheet or similar in the middle, and shaping into a bangle. Therfore any advise on shaping steel would also be welcome, as I'm also not sure how easy that is (the pins are extremely stiff!)

All advice or suggestions gratefully received! Equally, if none of this is possible, please let me know and I will ditch the idea

Many thanks, Marion