Hello fellow jewelers

I have just acquired a Yasui air pressure controller to add on to my wax injestor auto clamp. these are the older version with the 8 programmed settings on the front pannel and the 2 orange buttons to increase and decrease the pressure. Have been looking for quite a while for one of these, As I expect the controller would alleviate the problem of having to adjust the pressures in the wax injector by the regulator on the top of the wax machine.

Does anyone here in this forum have any instruction manual or similar as to how all the air lines hook up to and from the wax machine , auto clamp tower and air controller
as it came from a sell off of used business equipment, no manual is with the controller. I have looked at the Yasui web site and some manuals are listed but nothing , for the older air pressure controller, only a 2 page sheet with line drawing , showing the labeled parts which is no help.

Have tinkered with some new fittings and pipe and managed to get it working almost , but still question the tubes in and out are correct as it still has a air leak.

Thanks if someone can help.