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Thread: Resizing A Ring

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    Default Resizing A Ring

    Hey guys ,
    Here i am Sharing a video on how i resized my ring .
    Hope you like the video. Please do share your feedback

    Also i would like to know is there any way by which we can block the heat rays going to other parts of the ring ?

    Here is the link to the video

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    Hi Patni, that's pretty clear. You seem to have solved how to protect the filigree with that white stuff. What is it?
    The alternatives I can think of are:
    Heat protecting paste, which in this case would be a nuisance to get off again, or mica sheet, into which you can cut a slot for the shank.
    Kind regards, Dennis

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    Hi Dennis,
    Thank you for your reply .
    The white thing is adbuston heat proof sheet
    Thanks for your reply as always

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