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Thread: How to unglue a cabochon from a ring?

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    Default How to unglue a cabochon from a ring?

    Hi everybody,
    I have a question: how to unglue a cabochon from a ring without damaging them? I usually use epoxy glue (two components to mix, fast setting in 5 minutes) to glue the cabochon on the ring. Thanks in advance for the replies.

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    if its precious metal usually the stone is set ? You cut the metal away of edge it back until you can remove the stone. can you post a picture of the ring. Im not sure if its glued and i guess it depends on what the stone is made from as to what you can use to remove it

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    Try superglue dissolver. It usually works on epoxy but may take some time. Slosh the dissolver on then put the piece in a small ziplock bag because it will evaporate otherwise.
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