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Thread: Problems rolling out silver

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    Default Problems rolling out silver

    Hi I have a problem some times when I am rolling out sterling silver on my rolling mill. Most of the time when I melt downy scrap all is ok. But sometimes I find that when rolling down some silver I have melted. I get what looks like very fine slivers of the silver lifting up. It's like the edges of the silver are delaminating.
    The surface is very rough this is manly when rolling square wire.
    Can any one give some pointers on how to stop this happening
    Thank you in advance

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    You need to anneal it more often, it is hardening and this will cause cracks splits etc.

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    As already said by China, cast metal needs to be work hardened evenly and annealed frequently, when reducing it into sheet. It is best to begin by closing the rollers of your mill down very slowly, or spiky bits will peel away from the surface . Dennis.


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