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Thread: hallmark possible on a chain

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    Depends on the country of manufacture

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    Hey all, thank you so much for the additional replies - sorry I only just looked today

    I have since made a little rectangular bar w a ring either end and soldered chain together - it looked nice and more 'designed' if that makes sense so I was happy and I made it the width of the two rings so they can sit on it :-)

    As to the stamping.... yep I knew anyone can buy a 925 stamp and use it, but I doublechecked w the customer and he was very sure - he bought from an artisanal silversmith in Cornwall who he had done business professionally with as well so I don't think they are going to be unprofessional / dishonest with their stamps.... but maybe I should have done more to check somehow?

    I thought the rings were cast from wax as they had a very slightly perceptible porous look to them and were so perfectly angular and I could not see any evidence of solder seams at all - but I guess its possible they were clay which I think is fine silver usually? (I don't use it). they were also very tarnished when received and polished up just like sterling, rather than fine silver which I thought is paler and shinier when polished (I may have imagined that as I don't use it much) ... is that enough to feel reassured do you think or should I contact assay office and ask them to test (they have the piece now)?! ugh this is a bit stressful but I guess its a learning curve.
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