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Thread: Repairing Silver Service Medal - Soldering Advice Please

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    Default Repairing Silver Service Medal - Soldering Advice Please

    I would love some advice on a repair on a silver service medal please?
    I have struggled to find the purity of the silver used in medals (only finding soild silver but not if it is pure or 925), the medal is a General Service Medal Northern Ireland 1969-2017.
    Does this have an impact on the soldering/hardness used?
    It has broken at the pivot pin point, the person I am repairing for collects them, researches and offers them back and reunites them with family/relatives. So it is important for me to check these details and getting it right.
    Thank you

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    Hi TFG, and welcome to the forum. If the medal is made of solid silver, then it is likely that it could be repaired by soldering, probably using easy hallmarking quality solder.
    If you are not sure, it would need to be tested. The Imperial war Museum might be of help, but if you are not well experienced at soldering, I would leave it alone.
    Lots of ifs there, Dennis.

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    Thank you for the welcome and the advice. An excellent suggestion to contact the war museum and testing, I feel that is the best way forward, thanks again.

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