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Thread: what would be a fair price

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    Default what would be a fair price

    I can't post a link due to being a new member with less than 5 posts. EBAY USA item number : -1

    Please forgive me if I'm in the wrong place. I don't know much about buying jewelry, but this did catch my eye. I know the site is more geared towards making and not purchasing, but I need help. What is a fair purchase price from whats shown? What would be a good starting point for negotiating? And what number would I not want to exceed. I'd hate to look at a mistake everyday on my right hand. If anything looks out of place please tell me if you could.

    I greatly appreciate everyones time, thanks in advance.
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    This is a U.K. site and we don’t get ebay USA . Prices aren’t for negotiation I would think and not sure we can comment on the work of other people when we don’t know where it’s made, mass produced, qualty. As you pointed out we are jewellery designers and makers, you can always look at others sites for an idea of pricing although that varies a lot

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    You can get to the US eBay site by changing the . part of the URL to .com.

    A fair price is probably around 50p

    There's no way to tell whether the item is gold or what type of gold it is, apart from it's colour (yellow).

    There's no way to tell whether the item has genuine diamonds. There's no GIA cert.

    I'm not going to post a link to the item as the original post may be spam.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nateb1 View Post
    I know the site is more geared towards making and not purchasing
    No. It isn't. We're not here to discuss purchasing at all.


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