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    Hi all.
    Ive seen this press. Iíll be using it for shot plates but i really like the idea of bangle forming but dont know where to buy the attachments and how theyd fit or even if this press would accommodate them.
    Any advice would be fab, thanks

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    Hi Mandy and welcome back.
    The hydraulic bangle forming set has been designed for the Bonny Doon press from Rio Grande. It would take some serious adaptation to use it with another press, and in the past you could not buy accessories unless you had the press first.
    Also it is possible that the press you show might not be powerful enough to use for this.
    All in all you would be better off sourcing a mechanical bangle former in UK.
    Have a look at the Durston one, including the video: Dennis.

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    Hi Mandy, sorry for the late response (renovating) that press looks like the one my friend in QLD had about 2 yrs ago thread broke off one of the bolts in normal use, plus it is only 8 ton, save your Pounds (sorry can't make the pound symbol work), until you can acquire a 20 ton, many Bonny Doon items require a threaded hole in top of the frame I built my press to accept them Just my 2 cents worth


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