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Thread: Looking for a stone setter

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    Default Looking for a stone setter

    Hi guys,
    I'm having trouble getting hold of a stone setter for 5-10 items per month - mainly flush setting 1.5mm/2.5mm diamonds in gold.
    I can't seem to get the stones to stay put when i do it, and figured a professional setter with all the tools could save me a headache!

    I've asked for quotes from all the Google top results and heard nothing back - do any of you guys have a reliable go-to who might be open to some extra work?

    Cheers in advance


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    Hi Dave and welcome to the forum. If you keep looking at videos, and practising with cheap materials, it will suddenly come to you and save you . By drilling the pilot hole right through, you can test for success by pushing from behind.

    Failing that, our main suppliers have free notice boards in their showrooms, which might be an option.

    Having struggled to begin with, I have been able to keep an eye on some of my rings for years with no lost stones, such as those below, with black diamonds. Dennis.
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    You know Dennis, I always used to drill all the way through and then test from behind and then I completely forgot! How bizarre.
    Funny how easy to forget parts of the process. thanks for the reminder - I'll get practicing again.


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