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    Hi all,

    I want to venture into soldering and I got myself a oxy-propane setup with smiths little torch clone.
    I am unable keep the flame going for some reason, once I light it up, it will only stay on if it is facing a surface 5cm away.
    As soon as I lift the torch up away from the surface it will go off. Same is happening with the big cutting torch I got as part of a kit.

    Any suggetions?

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi Sam, I have a S.L.T and it only blows out if the gas pressures are to high, either with the regulators attached to the bottles, or with the taps on the torch handle … easily dealt with. To set my flame I start buy igniting a small amount of propane then introduce a small amount of oxygen then go back to more propane then oxygen again, I keep repeating this until I reach my desired ferocity.

    There’s a lot of copies of this fabulous torch on the market, I hope it’s not a problem with your so-called clone. I love cheap tools, but somethings aren’t worth messing with especially if they have safety implications, large bottles of oxygen and propane are serious bits of kit to be working with and all safety procedure and precautions should be strictly adhered to.

    It could be something like you’ve been sold acetylene kit instead of propane or the regulators could be the wrong output size for the torch. If it’s because you’ve bought a cheap copy send it back, save your money up for a proper one before you blow yourself up … One last thing, always use commercial leak detector spray on all connections regularly … good luck with it … stay safe … Nick
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    Sounds as though, you have your pressure set too high, if you are using gauges that came with a Oxy welding cutting kit, they are most likely not suitable they will not provide low enough pressure you need to purchase gauges that are that are rated for the Smiths Little Torch. Not to disappoint you but in my experience the clones are rubbish.
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