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Thread: Multiple stones on one ring

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    Default Multiple stones on one ring

    This might be a stupid question but Iím still new to jewellery and interested to learn. I have come across a style of ring which I love and was wondering what the technique is to make setting like this? I imagine this is probably manufactured or an advanced setting, but just interested to know so I can hopefully make my way up to making items like this! Any info or advice is appreciated. Thanks so much!
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    It's probably 3D printed in wax, or resin, and cast,
    You could make a low tech version, by adding tube collets to a strip, which is about 1,0mm too short, forming a ring, and then stretching it a tiny bit to size it. Then perfect the collets.

    By being cautious like that, you could minimise any distortion due to stretching. It would need a ring stretcher, which is applied internally, and to totally avoid hammers. Dennis.
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