Hi all,

I have been designing (sketching and a little CAD) jewellery as a side hobby for 4 years and am still struggling with best places to send my pieces to be finished. This has led me to seriously consider doing some intense training myself but unfortunately this is not an option for this year.

Ideally I would love to work with a small goldsmith/manufacturer to bring my creations and ideas to life.

I am happy with casting (I have always used JewelCast/Just Castings/Design Build Cast). Unless anyone can suggest some others?

I would like to find someone I can send the piece to after casting for:
1. stone setting
2. finishing/polishing - texturising a band etc.

I have previously used Just Castings and DBC for stone setting but found that as they must deal with so many customers, its a very slow turn around and not very personal.
Would be very grateful for any suggestions.

Best wishes,