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Thread: Micro thermal spatula for fine work and sculpting

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    Default Micro thermal spatula for fine work and sculpting

    Hello jewelry professionals.

    Made the tool for myself, to work comfortably under magnification, for the fine details of wax models.
    It is interesting to know your opinion about this instrument.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Materials and components:

    It is controlled by the controller with a digital indication.

    There is a sound signal to turn it on (optional).
    The control box housing is made of anodized aluminum.

    Power consumption of the thermal spatula is 15 W.

    Temperature range - from 30 to 300 C.
    Power supply voltage - 85 ~ 265 V.
    Weight of the control unit - 550 grams.

    Soldering iron handle body is made of aluminum.

    Weight - 15 grams.
    Length -130mm. Diameter - 8.6 mm.

    Heating element is soldered by high-temperature soldering (silver), and installed in a ceramic insulator.

    The insulator is mounted in a brass perforated lug and secured with metal retaining rings.

    The wire of the lug has 5 wires and a silicone sheath.

    The wire length is 1.4 meters.

    Some of the parameters which allow you to perform complex tasks with this tool:

    1) The distance from the fingers' grip to the tip of the ferrules is 30 mm. Such small leverage gives more control.

    2) The diameter of the soldering iron is 8.6 mm, which feels the same as a standard ballpoint pen.

    3) Thin, soft 2.7mm diameter wire gives more freedom of movement.

    4) 0.29mm ferrules thread allows you to make fine stitches and patterns from 0.3mm.

    Also, this tool can be used for tacking, assembling products from small parts, elimination of defects

    (bubbles, chips, scratches) soldering of the gating system, elimination of cracks.
    The tool is convenient to use for those
    who don't have 5 CNC axes, but work on 3-4 axis machines.

    Milling the product from several parts and carefully soldering it will not be a problem.
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    Got a schematic?

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    The heating element is a 10mm long, 0.29mm diameter piece of Fehral wire.
    Parameters of the power supply are within the range:
    3.3-5 volts; 3.5-5amps.
    Regulation voltage is in range of 0.3-1.0 volt.
    As a voltage regulator you can use any shim regulator, with a current of not less than 5 amps and regulation range from 0v (regulators with initial voltage of 0.5v; 0.7v; 1.0v are not suitable)

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