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Thread: Hallmarking in the EU

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    Default Hallmarking in the EU

    I have been looking at the hallmarking laws since brexit on exporting to the EU for individuals like etsy and ebay sales and its a nightmare lol. Has anyone had any experience with this yet ? Apparently you need to hallmark it with a mark the country your exporting to recognises, unfortunately our hallmark isn't one anymore unless its Germany. There is another mark the assay office can add called a common control mark but this is not accepted by all countries. Its a right mess.
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    I agree, it looks like a real mess Joseph.

    I have no experience of exporting abroad, unfortunately but not sure if this will help Any item on the market before 1st January 2021 will continue to be legal, so if some of your items were made before then, it looks like they might be ok?
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