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Thread: Having my jewellery gold filled

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    Default Having my jewellery gold filled

    Hi everyone

    I apologise in advance if this is a silly question, and I have looked on previous threads but not found an answer!

    I would like to move from having my pieces gold plated to selling gold fill instead. The only problem is that I can't seem to find how I would go about this. I know the process of plating and filling is different, so I'm assuming it's not just a case of upping the % of gold layer at the platers.

    Could anyone help me understand how I would go about having my pieces gold filled and if this is doable, any advice on a reputable place would be so appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Hi Nina
    It’s worth doing a google search on gold filled as I had to and there are many sites that explain the differences between gold plated and gold filled. It my understanding that you can buy gold filled component parts but can’t have your work gold filled but I may be completely wrong! Gold filled also seems to be a base metal rather than silver with a layer of gold

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    Gold filled is usually brass, which then has a 5% 14ct gold filled layer bonded to it. This is a much higher amount than with plated, but its on brass.

    Are your pieces sterling or fine silver?

    As Caroline suggests, I don't think its possible, but perhaps a plating company would be in a better position to answer such questions..?


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