Hi Jewellers,

Usually, I work with gold and silver, but I have decided to introduce gold-filled jewellery into my range. I have purchased a very fine loose gold-filled chain (0.6mm) and 9ct easy yellow gold solder. After watching a variety of videos, I soldered 5 chains now, and every single one of them has this pink cooper colour in a place the chain was heated. I try my best only to heat the joint, and I use a hand torch (Dremel). I tried polishing it, making a white vinegar and 3% hydrogen peroxide solution, pickle and no pickle, and no luck. It's so little information out there about gold-filled, that is hard to know what I'm doing wrong. Before I give up and scrap the idea of the gold-filled range, I just wanted to see if anyone has any tips at all? I read that tumbler is really good for it, but I don't think I can put such fine chains to it. I was thinking maybe to try Ultra Polishing Pads or Firescoff® Ceramic Flux?

Thank you xx