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Thread: Eco friendly alternative to Barrelbrite

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    Default Eco friendly alternative to Barrelbrite

    Hi All!

    I'm still quite newbie in jewellery making and just bought my first tumbler with steel shot and Barrelbrite.

    Only afterwards I realised that Barrelbrite is classed as hazardous substance and shouldn't be poured down the drain, so now thinking if there is more eco friendly alternative I could get and not worry about disposing it?

    Also do you change the water/soap mixture after each use or leave in the tumbler with the shot waiting for the next time?

    Thank so much!


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    Hello Noora, and welcome to the forum.
    If you are worried about Barrelbrite, then any cheap washing up liquid will work. just use enough to create a lather.

    In answer to your second question, you can go on using the same solution with copper, brass, and precious metals, until it begins to look dirty.
    However any plain steel shot is best removed and stored dry, to prevent rusting. Dennis.

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    That's great, thanks so much Dennis!

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