Hello all, I'm hoping I can get your guidance on the correct process here. Apologies if this is in the incorrect place,.

Basically, I'm trying to create a ring shank with an embellishment on the side (Shoulder?)

The first time I tried this, I soldered the embellishments onto the flat shank before forming.
I had a nightmare of a time forming it (hammer & mandrel), and ended up snapping the shank just where the embellishment joined.
The Soldered section, being thicker, was very hard to bend.

The second time I've tried this, I formed the shank then tried to solder on the embellishments.
This meant I had to form the embellishments to the exact curve of the shank which was challenging.
Also had a fine time trying to keep everything in place while soldering on a rounded curve.

So, my question is, how would you approach this?

I think maybe if I used a ring forming tool I might be able to get my first approach to work, but I'm not sure.

I really value your input & please excuse me if my terminology is in correct. I've put together a quick diagram to explain.

Click image for larger version. 

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