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Thread: Safest oxidising solution

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    Default Safest oxidising solution

    Hi all

    Looking for some advice on the safest oxidising solutions.
    I love oxidising solutions, and use them frequently in my work.

    I have a bottle of the Platinol ones. Reading the bottle of the one i have it says " may cause damage to organ through prolonged and repeated exposure".
    Which is obviously a bit alarming!

    Which is the safest one to use? Or is there another alternative?

    Thank you for your help.

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    I use my platinol all the time. If you are worried, then use a mask and wear some gloves. They are covering themselves with having the 'may case damage' signs written on stuff and I just use common sense and always make sure I wash my hands after use etc.

    You could of course use eggs to do the same thing, so if you are near any chicken farms they're sure to have a regular supply of pullett (small) eggs for you, as they can't usually sell them to the public.

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    As Jules says they have to give these warnings by law for chemicals. I use platinol as it seems less smelly but always wear gloves and either have ventilation or a mask. The warnings I would think are for constant contact with skin or fumes and I’m sure you’re not using it all the time. When I’ve used liver of sulphur in the past I’ve had to do it outside because it makes me feel nauseous

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